Ichiyusai KUNIYOSHI (1797 – 1861)

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Mitsukuni ( Otaketaro ) defying the skeleton-spectre in the castle Soma no furugosho. One of the iconic Kuniyoshi designs and considered by many to be his finest. Illustrated in numerous publications. Mitsukuni was a principal retainer of Taira no Masakado. After his death his daughter, Takiyasha, went to live in the haunted castle. She was able to summon up the apparitions at will, but the old servant, Mitsukuni, had the ability to defy them until they disappeared. Published 1845. Ex Theodore Scheiwe collection, Part 1, March 21st, 1989, lot 211.

Very good impression. Slight fading. Edge repair bottom left corner last sheet. One or two other minor repairs. Slightly trimmed, principly at top. Signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga.

Status: Sold

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