Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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The best design from the set Tsuki hyakushi, the “Hundred Phases of the Moon.” The set published between 1885 and 1892 (this being 1886) by Akiyama Buemon. Shows Benkei on the prow of the ship in which Yoshitsune was forced to flee to northern Japan after being attacked by his half-brother Minamoto no Yoritomo. Sailing along the Inland Sea off the coast of Harima Province not far from Kyoto, the ship was struck by a storm in Daimotsu Bay caused by the vengeful ghosts of the Taira warriors Yoshitsune and his men had slain. Benkei pacified the spirits by holding up his string of prayer beads.


Fine impression and colour. Light album backing, otherwise very good condition. Signed Yoshitoshi.


Status: Sold


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