Katsukawa SHUNTEI (1770-1820)

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A fabulous and extremely rare triptych showing the ama diver Tamatori-hime escaping from the Dragon King’s Palace with the priceless pearl. The story (with variations) relates how the Dragon King stole the jewel during a storm when it, and two other treasures, were being sent to Japan by the Tang dynasty emperor in memory of his consort’s father, Kamatari. Subsequently, Fujiwara no Fuhito, the son of Kamatari, searches for the pearl; meets the pearl diver Tamatori-hime, falls in love and marries her. She vows to retrieve the pearl which she eventually achieves but is pursued through the ocean by the dragon and a myriad grotesque sea creatures who were guarding it. Published by Kawaguchiya Uhei, c. 1810.


Fine impression, colour and condition. Full size. Signed Shuntei ga.


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