Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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A vertical diptych showing Taira no Koremochi about to kill the female demon whose reflection he sees in a stream on Mount Togakushi in Shinano. The episode follows an excursion to view the autumn maples. He encounters a party of girls who invite him to join them to only become intoxicated and fall asleep. He is aroused by terrifying sounds emanating from the devil. The No play Momijigari, “Maple Picnic” is based on this story. Published by Matsui, Meiji 20, 1887.


Superb impression. Very fine colour and condition with ample room for joining. Untrimmed. (An essential with this set as the publishing information is often on the left margin.) The first edition. Signed Oju Yoshitoshi ga.


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