Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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A vertical diptych showing Cho Jun, the white stripe in the waves, wrestling in the river with Ri Ki, the black whirlwind. Ronhakucho Chojun kokusempu Riki kochu ni tatakau no zu. The story concerns the river pirate, Ri Ki, who is caught stealing fish by Cho Jun and the ensuing underwater battle. Initially, Ri Ki has the upper hand but Cho Jun challenges him again and they fight until Ri Ki’s compatriots stop the engagement and invite Cho Jun to join their gang. Published by Matsui Eikichi, 1887. This is the extremely rare first state before the publisher and date in left margin. See my blog.

Very fine impression. Fine colour. Slight discolouration to top margins, otherwise fine condition. Full margins all round with ample room for joining. Signed Oju Yoshitoshi hitsu.

Status: Sold

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