Utagawa HIROSHIGE (1787-1858)

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Katsuo, bonito ( Katsuwonus pelamis ). Also called ocean bonito, stripe-bellied bonito and striped tuna. Together with three sprigs of cherry ( sakura ). Poems by Toshinoto Haruki and Toshihiro Machikado. From the first series of eleven fish prints published c 1840 – 42 by Yamasho ( Yamadoya Shobei ). Ex collection Felix Bracquemond ( 1833 – 1914 ). Japonisme in France usually starts with Bracquemond who was a graphic artist and designer and also worked with ceramics. He discovered Hokusai’s Manga in 1856 and used it as source material. He produced a number of etchings, often of birds and some with fish, obviously partly inspired by Japanese prints, including Hiroshige’s prints. So, it’s reasonable to suppose these were the actual prints he used as inspiration. Bracquemond’s initial: “B” accompanied the prints.

Very good impression, colour and condition. Centre fold as per usual. Signed Hiroshige ga.

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