Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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Mushashino no tsuki, “The Moon on Musashi Plain ” from the set Tsuki hyakushi, the “Hundred Phases of the Moon”. The set published between 1885 and 1892 ( this being 1892 ) by Akiyama Buemon. One of the three best designs from the set and the one that relies most on the printer’s art – using extensive bokashi. The fox was capable of transmogrifying into human form and vice versa and was popular in Japanese folklore.

Very fine impression with beautiful gradation of the earliest printings on the grasses around the fox. ( See Beauty & Violence, 1992, 54.97, p. 75 for an example of the more prosaic later printing. ) Fine colour. Light album backing, otherwise fine condition. Signed Yoshitoshi.

Status: Sold

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