Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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A vertical diptych showing Taira no Koremochi discovering that a princess is, in reality, a demon. Taira Koremochi Togakushiyama kijo taiji no zu. The story relates how, while maple viewing on Mt. Togakushi in Shinano, Taira no Koremochi comes across a princess and her attendants. He joins them eating and drinking and finally falls into a deep sleep. He dreams that the princess is in fact a kijo (a young woman turned into an oni) and that she is intent on killing him. He awakes to see her true appearance reflected in the water of a nearby stream and kills her. Published by Matsui Eikichi, 1887. It was republished later by Hasegawa.



Very fine impression and colour. Perfect condition with ample room for joining of two sheets and full margin on left and top – which these designs must have. Signed Oju Yoshitoshi.



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