Ichieisai YOSHITSUYA (1822-1866)

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A dramatic triptych: Kyokyaku Suikoden no uchi: Kogakure no Kiritaro yojutsu o motte sugata o kakasu. The Kyokyaku Suikoden: Kogakure no Kiritaro hiding himself by using witchcraft. The snake, with Kiritaro standing on him, has emanated from the kago in the centre sheet to the confusion of the three attackers: Waniguchi Jinsuke (centre) and Masakino Torazo and Kazama Hanjiro. A stream of rats is emitted from the snake’s mouth. I have not been able to source this story. Published by Kameya Iwakuchi, 1861. Rare.


Fine impression. Very good colour. Sumi marks au verso showing through slightly, otherwise very good condition. Signed Ichieisai Yoshitsuya ga.


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