Torii KIYONOBU II (1706-1763)

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A fine urushi-e hosoban showing the actors Sawamura Sojuro I ( above ) and Yamamoto Kiyoshiro I wrestling amongst bales of rice. It is impossible to be certain of the performance as records are scant, but Sojuro is probably playing the role of Sano Genzaemon and Kiyoshiro is probably playing Sano Genta in the play Miyakozome kaoru hachinoki performed at the Nakamura-za in the 11th month of 1739. Kiyoshiro was from the Kamigata region and only arrived in Edo in this month. He left for Osaka the following year. Although he did visit Edo once before this date, he did not act with Sojuro at that time.

Very good impression. The hand-applied colours well retained. Small restorations to the sumi/brass, otherwise good condition. Signed Torii Kiyonobu hitsu.

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