Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1832 – 1892 )

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Kiyohime from the fine set Wakan hyaku monogatari. “One Hundred Ghost Stories of China and Japan.” This famous story set in A.D.928 tells of unrequited love. It inspired a number of Kabuki and No plays and relates how Kiyohime’s love for the monk Anchin, who lived in the Dojo-ji temple on the banks of the Hidaka river, was repulsed due to his monk’s vows. To escape her attentions he hid in the great temple bell which happened to be placed on the ground. Kiyohime, swimming across the flooded river, saw the bell and transformed herself into a dragon which beat the bell and destroyed it and Anchin. Kiyohime is shown emerging from the river. Published by Daikin, 1865. This impression is from the rare first deluxe edition, on thick hosho and with fine burnishing to depict the water streaming off Kiyohime, and other special effects. Later editions lack these subtleties.

Superb impression. Extensive burnishing to clouds, hair and water.Very fine colour ( with deluxe red ). Minor edge thinning but with large margins. Signed Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi ga.

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