Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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Shows the crucifiction of Torii Tsuneemon Katsutaka. The finest design from Kaidai hyaku senso, “Yoshitoshi’s Selection of One Hundred Warriors.” The set depicts warriors from the sixteenth century although based on Yoshitoshi’s record of the battle of Ueno in 1868. Torii Tsuneemon was a retainer of Okudaira Sadamasa and a member of the Nagashino Castle garrison when it came under siege by Takeda Katsuyori in 1575. He bravely volunteered to sneak through enemy lines to get help. However, he was captured on his return and ordered to shout to his compatriots that no help was coming. Instead he shouted encouragement and was crucified. Published by Ohashi, 1868.

Fine impression with mica and gum applied to spear. Fine colour. Slight soil at bottom, otherwise very good condition. Signed Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi ga.

Status: Sold

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