Utagawa KUNISADA (1786-1865)

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Shows the monk Mongaku Shonin doing repentance under the Nachi waterfall in winter. The story relates how Endo Morito (the secular name of Mongaku) falls in love with Kesa Gozen, the beautiful wife of his colleague Watanabe Wataru. Eventually she conspires to allow him into their bedroom at night where he can kill her sleeping husband. However, unknown to Morito, he kills Kesa who has substituted herself to save her honour. Morito becomes a monk taking the name Mongaku and, as a penance, prays under the freezing waterfall for three weeks reciting incantations to the deity Fudo Myoo. He is often depicted with the attendants of Fudo Myoo, Seitaku and Kongaru, above him. From a set Honcho komei kagami, “Mirror of Famous People of our Country.” Published by Joshuya Kinzo, c. 1835. This subject lends itself to some marvellous designs by various artists.

Very fine impression. Fine colour. Some trimming, otherwise fine condition. Signed Kochoro Kunisada ga.

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