Torii KIYONOBU II (Fl. c 1720s-1760)

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An early print showing the actor Segawa Kikunojo as Oiso no Tora looking down at Kameya Jujiro as Soga no Juro Sukenari who is leaning on a shogi board (Japanese chess). The play Hatsu hikage maizuru Soga was performed at the Nakamura-za Theatre, 1/1737. Published by Nakajima Izaemon. Ex collection Dr E.F. (1978). Rare.

Fine impression. Urushi beni-e with hand-applied colour: tan, yellow, light beni, gold powder and lacquered sumi over an embossed pattern. Toned with some fading of colour. Signs of mounting au verso. Signed Torii Kiyonobu hitsu.

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