Utagawa KUNITERU (Fl. mid-19th c.)

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An original hanshita-e (preparatory drawing) for a triptych showing the ground floor interior of a brothel in the Yoshiwara with courtesans and their assistants. These first drafts by the artist themselves survive because a more detailed drawing was needed by the blockcutter, and this was normally given to an assistant to execute. Or the drawing was never taken up by the publisher, for whatever reason. He was a pupil of Kunisada, originally calling himself Sadashige, and becoming Kuniteru when Kunisada became Toyokuni III. Sumi and touches of red. Extensive pentimenti. Sold “as is” with all imperfections. Signed on two sheets Kuniteru ga.


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Utagawa KUNITERU ( F. mid Meiji period )

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A pupil of Kunisada who called himself Sadashige during his master’s use of the go Kunisada. A charming print I have not seen before showing numerous children playing in the snow. Building a snow rabbit, a large snowball, throwing snowballs and carrying ice. A mother carrying a child looks on. An aiban print published by Fujiokaya Hikotaro (?).

Fine impression. Very good colour and condition. Signed Ichiyusai Sadashige ga.

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