Sugimura JIHEI (Acitive c. 1681-1703)

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A shunga print showing a samurai (his swords lying outside the screen) having sexual intercourse with a courtesan from a set of twelve such prints published mid 1680s. Jihei was the most impressive of Moronobu’s followers and seems to have specialised in shunga, often surpassing Moronobu. (Indeed, Jihei’s work was attributed to Moronobu for a long time.) Hand coloured, although probably not from the period but still with considerable age. Extremely rare.



Fine impression. Very good condition.



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Sugimura JIHEI (Fl. c. 1680-1698)

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The most prolific of Moronobu’s pupils and was originally confused with him, but now properly identified as a separate artist. Produced some of the finest erotic designs. A couple in flagrante beneath a sumptuous duvet. Published c. mid 1680’s.

A large oban ( 11in; 27cms x 14.5in; 36.75cms ).

Good impression. Some restorations but generally good condition. Partially hand-coloured. Unsigned ( as usual ).

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