Kitagawa TSUKIMARO (Active c 1804-1836)

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An original painting, full colour on dark silk, 33.5 x 11.5 in; 85 x 29 cms. Shows a Chinese beauty – possibly Yang Guikei – collecting medicinal leaves from a Japanese spice bush. An intriguing painting with Ukiyo-e elements fused with both Chinese and Western styles. Tsukimaro was Utamaro’s best pupil and his paintings are rare. Painted c 1818.


Some loss of gofun but generally good condition. Newly mounted with new box. Signed Bokutei Tsukimaro hitsu with two unidentified seals.


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Kitagawa TSUKIMARO (FI.?-1830)


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A bijin adjusting her hair before a mirror from a set: Hana no kazari no fuzei, “Elegance of the Flower Decoration”. Published by Tsuru Kin c1810’s.

Very good impression and colour. Minor marks: slight edge nibbling and the paper laid-lines evident top and bottom, but otherwise very good. Signed Tsukimaro hitsu.

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