Kitagawa FUJIMARO (1790-1850)

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An original painting, full colour on silk, image size 35.25 x 13.5 in; 89.5 x 34.5 cms. Fujimaro was a talented late pupil of Utamaro. More than a dozen paintings are recorded by him including an example in the Portland Art Museum, acc. number 69.51. His best-known work is in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum depicting Yujyo risshi-zu and another four paintings of beauties in the four seasons is in the collection of the Ota Memorial Museum of Art, Tokyo. Shows a standing courtesan beside a vase containing peonies and cherry blossom. On her sumptuous costume are the black wheels of a hanaguruma, “flower cart.” These vehicles carried baskets with often elaborate arrangements of flowers. It seems more than coincidence that the vase is placed where the basket would have been on the cart.

Painted c 1820. Signed Fujimaro with seal Yozan. Newly remounted and in fine condition with new box and futo-maki (thick wooden roll to preserve the painting from damage).

Status: Available

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