Ichirakutei EISUI (Active 1790-1823)

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A fine okubi-e (“large head”) portrait of the courtesan Shizuka of the Tama-ya House. Eisui, like the other main pupils of Eishi, produced some of the finest bust-portraits in Ukiyo-e. Published by Maruya Bunemon c late 1790’s. Other impressions illustrated in Klaus J. Brandt, Hosoda Eishi, page 72, 524, no. C35, catalogued p. 231, and the Library of Congress, FP2-JPD, no. 1912. Extremely Rare.


Very good impression. Good colour. Slight soil, otherwise good condition. Full sze. Signed Ichirakutei Eisui ga.


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    Ichirakutei EISUI (active 1789-1804)


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    Excessively rare bust portrait of the courtesan Hanahito of the Ogi-ya. The Doll Festival from a set of the Five Seasonal Festivals published by Maru-ya Bun’emon, c.1798. The British Museum impression of this print is illustrated in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collections, no.205.

    Very good impression and colour. Slight soil and creasing but overall a nice example of this uncommon artist’s work. Signed Ichirakutei Eisui ga.

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