Totoya HOKKEI (1780-1850)

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Originally a fishmonger (hence the go Totoya). Studied painting under Kano Yosen’in and then became one of Hokusai’s best pupils. Produced excellent surimono such as here showing a sumptuously attired courtesan representing Kyoto from a set of three surimono Sangoku-shi no toen ketsugi, a History of the Three Kingdoms. (A play on the Chinese states of Wei, Shu and Wu during AD 220-280, but here being Kyoto, Edo, Osaka.) Produced for the Shipporen (“Seven Treasures”) Kyoka Club c 1827. Their emblem top right and also incorporated into the background and on the box bottom left. Extremely rare.



Superb impression, colour and condition with extensive silver and gold. One of the finest surimono I have catalogued. Signed Go Hokkei.



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