Utagawa KUNISADA (1786-1864)

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An original hanshita-e (preparatory drawing) for a triptych showing, from the left, Nakamura Kamenojo I as the geisha Azuma standing above Kawarasaki Gonjuro I as Yamazakiya Yogoro, Bando Kamezo I as Settanaoshi Chogoro standing above Onoe Kikugoro IV as Kumasaka Ocho, and Onoe Kikugoro IV as Akogi Gennojo standing above Onoe Kikujiro II as Onnadayu Okoyo. The play was Yume musubu cho ni torioi performed at the Ichimura-za theatre 3/1856. These first drafts by the artist themselves survive because a more detailed drawing was needed by the blockcutter, and this was normally given to an assistant to execute. Or the drawing was never taken up by the publisher, for whatever reason. Sumi and touches of red with some pentimenti. (This was also most likely a published print by Sanoki as it is from the same group as others offered here.) Signed on two sheets Toyoukuni ga.



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