Yashima GAKUTEI (1786-1868)

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A surimono – one of a series that Gakutei designed in the curved shape of a folding fan. Shows a seated poet before Mt. Fuji holding a fan and dressed in courtly robes with a New Year pattern of pine trees and an eboshi cap. Two others from the set are illustrated in The Art of Surimono, Roger Keyes, Sothebys, 1985, pl. 47, p. 89; and Sammeln Magazin, Nr. 6, Juni 1985, p.15. Issued c. 1821. Provenance: Ex Toni Strauss Negbaur collection, seal au verso.


Fine impression with Mount Fuji blind-printed. Very good colour and condition. Signed Gakutei.


Status: Sold


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