Eishosai CHOKI (Fl. c 1756-1808)


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The lovers Okiku and Yosuke play cat’s cradle. ( A children’s game in which two players alternately take from each other’s fingers an intertwined cord so as always to produce a symmetrical figure.) Published c 1804 by Takatsuya Isuke. A similar print with same signature and publisher is illustrated in Sadao Kikuchi, A Treasury of Japanese Wood Block Prints, 1963, ill. No. 644 ( from the Tokyo National Museum ). I cannot, at the present moment, locate another impression of this design. Choki prints are rare and his finest designs are the most prized possessions of any collection. Ex collection Sidney C. Ward.

Very good impression with extremely good colour. Light grey ground. The cutting and colouring of the pattern on the boy’s kimono is particularly fine. Minor creases, otherwise extremely good condition. On heavy hosho. Signed [ Momogawa ] Shiko ga.

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