Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA (1847-1915)

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A triptych, Ujigawa Kajiwara Kagesue, Sasaki Takatsuna, miju uma. Yoshitsune is informed that Kiso no Yoshinaka is entrenched behind the natural defence of the Uji river, then in full flood. Yoshitsune calls on Kajiwara Kagesue and Sayemon-no-jo Sasaki Shiro Takatsuna to make an attempt at fording the river. He gives them his best horses: Surusumi to Kagesue and Iketsuki to Takatsuna. They plunge into the river with Takatsuna, dodging the hail of arrows, arriving first. One of Kiyochika’s best designs. Published 1899.


Fine impression and colour. Album backing and slight vertical fold on centre panel. Signed Kiyochika.


Status: Sold


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