Kochoro KUNISADA (1786-1865)


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An original wood block showing actors as Kuzunoha and Abe no Yasuna. Kuzunoha was the fox wife of Yasuna and is usually depicted nursing her child or appearing as a white fox giving Yasuna the key to her disappearance in a dream. Au verso is an uninteresting design by Yoshifuji entitled Toita zukushi, a “Collection of Sliding Doors.” Rare: Blocks of seasoned wood had become expensive in the 19th century and old blocks were often planed down to be reused by later artists/publishers. Important blocks seldom come onto the market, and the few that do are invariably for later copies. Most were reused and/or burnt and destroyed. Signed Toyokuni ga. Publisher’s seal not read. Censors’ seals for 1849 – 53. Sold as is with some slight edge wormage, but otherwise surprisingly good condition.

Status: Sold

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