Hotei GOSEI (Active c. 1804-1835)

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A surimono showing a still life of fish and utensils from a fine and rare set Toto meisho awase, “Famous Attractions of the Eastern Capital.” The series title in a cartouche in the shape of the character “go” representing the Go-gawa Club. Each surimono shows something related to the location in Edo, in this case the sub-title is Nihonbashi. What the connection is is not obvious to me; perhaps the fish were a delicacy in restaurants which crowded round the bridge. Gosei was a pupil of Hokusai who gave him the name Hokuga which he changed to Gosei around 1810. Published c. 1820. Possibly the only known impression.


Very good impression and colour. Some slight soil, otherwise good condition. Signed Gosei hitsu.


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