Utagawa TOYOKUNI II (TOYOSHIGE) (1777-1835)

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A vertical diptych of Shoki, the Demon Queller. The character originates from China being a deity from China’s Taoist pantheon. He is always shown with his scholar’s hat, large robe and boots, and usually carrying a sword with which he attacks oni. Images of Shoki were hung outside houses to ward off evil during the Boys’ Day Festival on May 5th. Published by Yamamoto Kyubei, c 1820. Prints by Toyoshige are often misattributed to Toyokuni I and vice versa because late Toyokuni I signatures and those of Toyoshige are similar. Rare.


Very good impression and colour. Some edge soil, otherwise very good condition. Signed Gosotei Toyokuni hitsu.


Status: Sold


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