Kochoro KUNISADA (1786-1865)

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An exceptionally rare triptych showing Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Raiko) and his loyal retainers, from left to right: Watanabe no Tsuna, Usui no Sadamitsu, Sakata no Kintoki and Urabe no Suetake killing the giant “Earth Spider.” Numerous versions exist of this story but basically Raiko and his followers have to tackle various horrendous apparitions in a cave within the hill Kagura ga oka near Kyoto, eventually to be faced by a beautiful woman who envelops Raiko in cobwebs. He slays her and her body turns into the spider, the head being twenty-five feet long and eyes shining like the sun and moon. He cuts off the beast’s head and the carcase reveals the many bodies devoured by it. An extremely early Kunisada print published by Nishimuraya Yohachi, c 1815. I have not seen this design before or located another impression.


Very good impression, colour and condition. Full size with extra paper around. Signed Kunisada ga.


Status: Sold


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