Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Suruga Satta no kaijo, “The Sea at Satta, Suruga Province” from Fuji sanjurokkei, “The Thirty-Six Views of Fuji.” The best design from the set published by Koeido (Tsutaya Kichizo), 4/1858. A huge wave breaks on the right releasing a flock of chidori. These birds were supposed to originate from the spume of these waves. Originally travellers on the Tokaido had to traverse the base of the cliff, to the left. However in 1655 a pass was cut in the cliff above. Fuji rises above the bay of Kiyomi. A very popular print.


Fine impression and colour. One or two very minor marks, otherwise very good condition. Signed Hiroshige ga.


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