Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1832 – 1892)

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Saigo Takamori yumei hosho. Shows the ghost of Marshall Takamori ( 1827 -1877 ) holding a petition. Best known as the leader of the Satsuma rebellion, which was finally quashed at Kagoshima on Sept. 24th 1877. Saigo was wounded in the leg and his faithful retainer, Beppu Shinsuke, put an end to his life. A popular figure with a statue being erected in his honour in 1899 at the entrance to Ueno Park in Tokyo, and his son being made a Marquis in 1902. This print, published by Funazu Chujiro, was issued just under a year after he died in 7/1878. Exceptionally rare: One other ( trimmed ) impression illustrated in Beauty & Violence, Havilland Press, 1992, no. 37, p. 124. Interestingly, the print has a price of two sen, five rin marked on it.

Fine impression and colour. The ornate brocade printed in silver. Trimmed close on two sides and minor marks, otherwise good condition. Signed Oju “By special request” Yoshitoshi.

Status: Sold

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