Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760-1849)

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Cuckoo and azaleas from the so-called Small Flower series of ten chuban prints published c 1832. Amongst the most sought after of Hokusai’s prints. The first edition was published by and has the seal Eijudo. A later edition (as here) has combined manji and kiwame seal ( and some are printed on thin Chinese-style paper ), and there are also impressions extant without any seals which probably constitute a third state. All impressions are rare and the first state excessively so. Indeed, these prints are considered even rarer than the larger bird and flower set Hokusai designed c 1833. The printing and colour on this set comes close to surimono quality. Each print has a Chinese poem written in hiragana.

Fine impression. Slight fading, otherwise very good condition. Signed Zen Hokusai Iitsu hitsu.

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