Yashima GAKUTEI ( 1780-c 1869 )

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A surimono showing the nine-tailed fox ( Tamamo-no-mae ) and the warrior Miuranosuke who was a palace guard in the court of Emperor Konoe ( 1139-1155 ). Issued c 1826 for a sub-group of the Biwa-ren poetry circle ( emblem top right ) headed by Benbenkan. Poems by Bentandai Gihoshi, Bendendai Kazumasu , Bensusha Masago, Bensusha Mazukage Masago, Andaro Horikawa Soroku and Kofukutei Okada Minoru. Legend tells that the Emperor’s adversary – an evil fox – disguised itself into a beauty who captivated the Emperor. She was eventually revealed and killed by Miuranosuke with an arrow from his bow.

Extremely fine impression with embossing and metallic pigments. Very fine colour and condition. Signed Gakutei with seal Shugyokudo.

Status: Sold

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