Uragami GYOKUDO (1745-1820)

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An original painting, sumi on paper. Image: 5.5 x 8.25 in; 14 x 21 cms. Shows a hilly landscape with a coppice cut through with a stream and two bridges. Gyokudo is now considered the leading exponent of Nanga painting. An artist whose spontaneous paintings often appear as though executed under deep emotion or when partially intoxicated. Now greatly admired in Japan and the West with many fakes. His father was of samurai rank and Gyokudo initially served a nobleman, Ikeda Masake, in Bizen. However, his passion for music, painting and verse composition caused him to become a wanderer in 1794. His Bohemian life eventually leading him to Kyoto where he joined the literati circles of Mokubei and Chikuden. Most paintings done after 1794 and this example probably dates to around 1800 – 1810. Tastefully remounted with double box. Signed and faintly sealed Gyokudo. Rare.

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