Cho GESSHO (1772-1832)

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An original painting showing an autumnal scene with a woodcutter carrying an axe and about to cross a bridge over a river that flows down from paddy fields with steep cliffs above. In the mid-distance a man on a bullock. Gessho was the son of a kakemono-mounter and, after studying with Goshun and Gessen in Kyoto, moved to Nagoya, where he stayed to become the leading artist with Baiitsu and Kinkoku. Well known for haiga and kyoka anthologies such as Fukei gaso and Zoku koya bunko. Sumi and colour on silk. Image size 38.25 x 13 in; 97 x 33 cms. Very good condition. Old mount and box with inscription Shusansui Gessho ga ifuku ( “one scroll” ). Signed Gessho with seals Yukisada ( Gyotei ).

Status: Sold

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