Totoya HOKKEI (1780-1850)

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Two swallows diving above a stream from a set Sanju-roku tori zukushi, “A Series of Thirty-six Birds and Animals”. The title in the shape of a rolled makimono top right. A takaramono printed in gold on blue with good luck symbols runs along the top. Produced for the Shipporen Poetry Club c1830. Poems by Fukubunro Arimasu and Kozanro Okikaze. Of the utmost rarity: Surimono, when encountered from this series, are invariably reprints or copies. Only known as a Meiji Akashi reprint. Others from the set are illustrated in: Vever I, 1974, lot 339; Gale Catalogued, Hillier 1970, no 253; Le Veel sale ( 3rd Part ) 1981, lot 165.

Fine impression and colour with sprayed blue pigment to simulate water drops. Very small repaired wormhole at bottom, otherwise very good condition. Signed Hokkei.

Status: Sold

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