Torii KIYOTSUNE (active 1757-1779)

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Little is known of the artist’s life except that he was a pupil of Kiyomitsu. Shows the actor Bando Hikosaburo II as Watanabe no Tsuna and Nakamura Tomijuro as Ibaraki. This famous story recounts how Watanabe no Tsuna cuts off the arm of the demon Ibaraki at the Rashomon Gate, Kyoto in 976. He secretes the arm away in a box. Subsequently he is visited by his wet-nurse ( or aunt – depending on which version you read ) who convinces him to show it to her. Instantly she snatches the arm and flies off revealing herself to be Ibaraki in disguise. The story became the famous no play Ibaraki. Published by Bakuro-cho ichome, Yamashiro han, c. late 1760s.

Fine impression. Pristine condition. The fugitive dyes perfectly retained. In the same condition as the day it was printed. Signed Torii Kiyotsune fude.

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