Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760-1849)

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A surimono showing a bamboo-ware maker. One of the characters from Taketori monogatari, “Tale of the Shining Princess.” He is shown sawing through a large bamboo stem surrounded by his tools. Behind him an uguisu ( bush warbler, signifying the arrival of spring ) sits on a bamboo vase. Two poems above by Bunyusha Harusato and Bunbunsha. Provenance: From my Surimono Prints catalogue, no. 15, 1975, no. 6.

Very fine impression. Fine colour. The saw blade, chisel and other areas printed in silver. The outline of the craftsman’s trousers printed in gold. Very good condition. Signed Katsushika Taito ( signature of c 1819 ).

Status: Sold

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