Ichiyusai KUNIYOSHI (1797-1861)

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An uncut fan print of the utmost rarity with title E-kyodai awase kagami. An impossible title to translate but something like Disparate Images as Opposing Mirrors. Another from this set is illustrated in Juzo Suzuki, Kuniyoshi, 1992, pls. 421 and 422 ( from Merlin Dailey collection and also illustrated in Exhibition Of Ukiyo-e By Kuniyoshi, Riccar Art Museum, 1978, pls. 254 and 255, and elsewhere ). And another two designs are illustrated in the new Nikkei/Mori Arts Center Kuniyoshi catalogue, nos 321 and 322. These humorous prints show figures in contorted positions which, when seen in silhouette, reveal themselves as animals, crustaceans or fish. Two prints were published: as here, and the silhouette which was stuck on the reverse of the fan. The figures on this print become, in silhouette, a crab, a tortoise, and a Tosakin goldfish. I have been unable to locate another illustrated impression of this print and it may well be the only known example. Published c. late 1840’s probably by Ibaya Sensaburo as the other design from this set has this publisher’s seal.

Very fine impression, colour and condition. Mint. Signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi giga.

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