Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Tamagawa no shugetsu, “Autumn Moon over the Tama River” from the early set Edo kinko hakkei, “Eight Views in the Environs of Edo.” The set was first privately printed for the Taihaido poetry club by Sanoya Kihei ( Kikakudo ) c 1837-8 with three poems on each design. For obvious reasons examples from this edition are of the utmost rarity. The set was then re-issued with one poem on each ( as here ). Even examples of these are rare. Shows dusk falling over the Tama River whose source was Mount Tanba. The river was full of freshwater trout and fishermen can be seen on the river bank. Unidentified collector’s seal bottom left.

Very good impression and colour. Tips of upper two corners repaired, otherwise very good condition. Signed Hiroshige ga.

Status: Sold

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