Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Awa no naruto no fuha, “ Rough Seas at the Whirlpools of Awa.” The best design from the Famous Places in the Sixty-Odd Provinces published by Koshimuraya Heisuke, 1853 – 6 ( this design Hare 9 [ 1855 ] ). The area of water between Awa Province on the Island of Shikoku and the smaller island of Awaji where the waters of the Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet was notorious for its whirlpools. ( See the triptych design of same subject published two years later on this website. ) A famous design and justly popular. An unidentified collector’s seal bottom left corner ( F.E. or T.E. ? ).

Extremely good, early impression with good woodgrain showing on rocks and sky. The earliest impression I have seen was the Walter Amstutz copy ( ex Popper ), lot 207, Sothebys, 1991. Examination of that example shows that the narrow area of sea immediately below the distant hills differs and was obviously recut on all but this earliest state. Likewise, later impressions appear to have a different block for sky as they do not show the distinctive woodgrain. Margins a little narrow on two sides, but otherwise very good condition and colour. Signed Hiroshige ga.

Status: Sold

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