Utagawa KUNISADA II (1823-1880)

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The actor Segawa Kikunojo V as the Cat Witch Ama Myochin from the set Hakkenden inu no soshi no uchi , “Stories of the Eight Dog Heroes.” Published by Tsutaya Kichizo, 1852. The extremely lengthy novel by Kyokutei Bakin took 30 years to complete and was turned into a very successful play which was premiered at the Ichimura-za Theatre, 1/1852. The convoluted story tells of the supernatural offspring from the coupling of Princess Fuse and her father’s dog Yatsufusa. They are later reborn to normal mothers and the plot revolves around their gradual discovery of each other. Shows the cat’s human form appearing through a bamboo curtain while her true self, with claws and hairy arms, can be seen silhouetted behind the curtain. She murders the father of the dog hero Inamura Kakutaro and then assumes his likeness. The best design from a fine set.

Very fine impression with burnishing and blind-printing. (The finest impression I have seen.) Fine colour. Small binding holes, otherwise fine condition. Full size. Signed Ichiyosai Kunisada ga.

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