Shunkosai HOKUSHU (Fl. c 1808-1832)

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The actor Nakamura Utaemon III as Kan Shojo in the play Sugawara denju tenarai kagami, “Mirror of Learning and Transmitting Sugawara’s Secrets of Calligraphy.” In fact based on stories relating to Sugawara Michizane (845 – 903, scholar, poet and politician). Government regulations prohibited the use of the names of real people in Kabuki. He is shown on a wood votive tablet. The play was performed at the Kado no Shibai Theatre, Osaka, 3/1823. In fact, Utaemon is supposed to have sensationally played 7 roles in this play. Poem above by Shikan (Utaemon’s poetry name). Published by Toshikuraya Shinbei (inscribed bottom left).


Fine impression. This is a wonderful example of kimetsubushi printing whereby the grain of the wood is exposed with stiff brushes or pads to enable the grain to be printed. Very good colour and condition. Signed Shunkosai Hokushu ga.


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