Yashima GAKUTEI (1786-1868)

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A surimono showing Li Kui (Jap: Ri Ki), one of the brigands from the One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the Popular Water Margin (the Suikoden). He was nicknamed the “Black Whirlwind” and is usually shown wielding two giant axes (as here). From a set Suiko Juban, “Ten Characters from the Water Margin.” Probably for the Kadonumaren Poetry Club c. late 1820s. Another two designs from the set are in the Harvard Art Museums, 1933.4.2003 and the Asian Art Museum, S.F., 2010.193. Rare: I cannot locate another impression at the moment.


Fine impression and colour. Slight soil and possibly slightly trimmed, otherwise very good condition. Extensive silver. Signed Gakutei Harunobu.


Status: Sold


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