Utagawa SADAHIDE (1807-1879)

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An uncut fan print Gosekku no uchi, kugatu, tsuki machi, “Five Festivals, Ninth Month, Moon Viewing.” Viewing the full moon in the eighth and ninth months was a popular activity passed down from the aristocracy in Heian times; especially where the moon’s reflection could be seen in water. One such party is seen here where a member vainly attempts to catch a catfish with a gourd: A hopeless task with such an unsuitable utensil. This is based on a Zen riddle posed by Ashikaga Yoshimochi (1386-1428) on how to catch a catfish with a gourd, which inspired the 15th century artist Josetsu to paint the subject with accompanying poems on the conundrum by Zen monks. Published by Iseya Ichiemon, 1835.


Fine impression and colour. Two small expertly repaired wormholes, otherwise very good condition. Signed Sadahide ga.


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