Utagawa KUNISADA (1786-1865)

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An untrimmed fan print Fuji Tsukuba aiaigasa, “Fuji and Tsukuba Sharing an Umbrella.” A play on images and words: Shows the actors Nakamura Shikan II and the onnagata actor Iwai Kumesaburo II sharing an umbrella against the snow. Tsukuba, about 50 kilometers from Edo, was an area where both Fuji and Mount Tsukuba could be viewed together. Mount Fuji being the female and Mount Tsukuba the male. An aizuri-e background (common to all the designs in this set). Published by Ibaya Senzaburo, c 1829. (The publisher’s seal is on the umbrella on the following design from this set. He published a number of Kunisada’s fan sets.) Rare.


Very fine impression with extensive burnishing. Fine colour. Several expertly repaired binding holes, otherwise fine condition. Signed Kochoro Kunisada ga.


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