Nagasawa ROSETSU (1754-1799)

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An original painting, sumi and light colour on silk, image size 17.5 x 14.25 in; 44.5 x 36 cms. Little is known of Rosetsu’s life: He was a lay student of Zen and a minor samurai. He became a pupil of Maruyama Okyo – the pre-eminent painter in Kyoto – at the age of 25. It is now generally agreed that he surpassed his teacher after some years. There are anecdotes – not verified – regarding his death, his break-up with Okyo and his drinking. Initially strongly influenced by Okyo, but then free of his style, he became highly skilled not only at more formal, finished paintings, but also at quick, spontaneous renditions. Often eccentric and not easily categorized, he was extensively faked in the Meiji period. Shows a reclining female cat who has obviously had a number of litters and a playful kitten.


A background of cherry blossom. The rendition of the furry tail and the character imbued in the face is impressive. Signed Rosetsu in sosho script of his late period (c 1795-1799) with seals Nagasawa (upper) and Gyo ‘Fish’ (lower). Unmounted and slightly cut into lower seal. Framed and glazed.


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