Hosoda EISHI (1736-1829)

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An original painting, sumi and colour on silk, 33.25 x 12 in; 84.5 x 30.5 cms. Shows a parading oiran, a high class courtesan, beneath falling cherry blossom. A parade was held every April in the Yoshiwara under the spring cherry blossom. Her costume is decorated with a large golden koi swimming amongst water weeds. An elegant and refined painting of great delicacy typical of this painter who was of unusually high rank for an Ukiyo-e artist. His prints – usually of beauties – are equally elegant. He also had a considerable number of pupils, including Eisho, Eiri and Eisui who produced some exceptional compositions. Probably painted around 1795-1804.



Mount with some minor damage; painted area in very good condition. Signed Chobunsai Eishi hitsu with Eishi seal.



Status: Available



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