Yashima GAKUTEI (1786-1868)

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A surimono from a fine set of eight prints: Ichiyoren bunbo shiyu, “Four Companions of the Writing Studio for the Ichiyo Circle.” Issued c 1827 for the Ichiyoren poetry club. The set alternates Chinese and Japanese subjects with the literati tradition of brush, ink, inkstone and paper. In this case: Sumo Komachi, “Ink and Komachi.” Ono no Komachi being the famous mid-ninth century poet and it shows her washing a poetry anthology which included a poem plagiarized by another poet who accused her of stealing it. The ink ran proving her innocence. Poems by Karakutei Kobun and Karindo.


Very fine impression with blind-printing, gold and silver. Fine colour. Slight crease, otherwise fine condition. Signed Gakutei.


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