Keisai EISEN (1790-1848)

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The bridge over the Ina River at Nojiri, Nojiri Inagawabashi enkei, from Kisokaido rokujukyutsugi no uchi , “Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kisokaido.” The set of seventy prints was published by Hoeido in 1835, but in 1837 Hiroshige took over and completed the series with the publisher Iseya Rihei (Kinjudo). The conjecture is that Hiroshige was the better known and more commercial artist, reinforced by the fact that Eisen’s name was removed from the designs already published. Hence only the first editions have his signature on those prints. Shows the cascade beneath the bridge, the underside of which resembles Mount Fuji. Top left, just visible in the mist, are the steps leading to the Kiyomizu Temple of Kiso. (Now a world heritage site, famous for the wooden stage jutting out over the mountainside supported by 139 12-meter high keyaki wood pillars.) One of the best designs from the set. Provenance: Ex Grabhorn collection.


Fine impression. Extremely rare in this early printing: There are a number of different states with alternative colouring to the hills, variant gradation below the falls, losing the blue mountains in the distance and without the flight of geese behind the bridge. Only the first edition has the geese, the blue mountains and the Eisen signature (as here). Fine colour. Margins trimmed a little, otherwise very good condition. Signed Keisai ga.


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