Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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Lu Ta ( Lu Chi Shen ) demolishing the gate of the temple of the Five-Crested Mountain. A Chinese captain, he accidentally killed a man and to escape death he became a priest at the temple. The abbot cut his hair and renamed him Lu Chi Shen, “Lu of Deep Wisdom.” However, quickly disregarding priestly vows, he became violent again and drank heavily. Staggering back one night he shattered the temple gate fighting the huge wooden guardian figures. The abbot dismissed him and he reappears as one of the 108 heroes of the Suikoden. Published by Matsui 1887.


Very fine impression of the earliest state of the first edition with blind printing and burnishing. This design was reprinted by Hasegawa with seal in upper left margin “Reproduction not permitted” and lacking date. Also, the lovely pigment used to colour the torso of the guardian figure ( which oxidizes ) is replaced with an inferior colour . There are also intermediate printings between first and Hasegawa version. Fine colour. Some discolouration on the reverse not affecting the front, otherwise fine condition with left margin intact. On thick hosho: These vertical designs must have the left border uncut as it often contains publication information. Signed Yoshitoshi.


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